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12-03-2010, 05:10 PM
Ok.. just got my G73 in from newegg this week... and I'm absolutely in love with it.... except 1 thing.

After the laptop warms up (running for an hour or 2), I get a discolored/faded/white cloud in the lower right hand corner. (LCD Mura)

Now the question is, should I immediately send it back in for them to check it out (don't really want to be without the laptop since I just spent the better part of 2 days migrating all my data and programs over to it... or see if it goes away after a few weeks? I've seen this happen in lower quality LCD panels in the past (and usually you can 'massage' the spot around a bit to get it into a corner or an edge.. but this one doesn't seem to want to move. If it was a 'budget' laptop, I'd just ignore it and hope it went away.. but having dropped decent $$$ on this thing, makes me a bit edgy.

As a part-time professional photographer, this color variance is really getting to me.. I just don't know if I'm being impatient or not, wanting my screen to be 'perfect' out of the box.

(here's some pics of what it does to the image quality on both white and black screens. whit multiple colors on screen, it makes them slightly 'yellow' casted.)



Thoughts? (Wish to heck ASUS either had an auth'd repair center here local, or would just allow me to cert with them, the way I am with 3 of their competitors, and allow me to swap it myself) Send it in now, and get it taken care of... or wait to see if it 'works itself out'.


12-03-2010, 07:36 PM
In fact your screen should work perfectly out of the box. I would send it back to newegg for a replacement if you are still udner their exchange policy. If not, then the only option is to send it to asus and wait them to replace the screen. Try contacting newegg first and keep us up to date.

12-03-2010, 08:06 PM
Yeah.. contacted Newegg when I first noticed it. They've indicated they're having problems even getting the units in stock. (the A1 is currently showing Deactivated on their site due to this), so while they'll let me return it, they have no guarantee on when it'd be replaced.

Trying a couple of tricks an engineering friend that works for Sharp suggested before I return in. White/black screen 'burn in' alternating every hour or so... to help soften up the adhesive behind the screen.

So far, leaving it on a solid white screen seems to be 'fixing it'.. at least temporarily. After removing the white and replacing it with a black screen, it starts to come back in an hour or so...each time I've alternated, it seems to be taking it longer to 'reappear'.

Just hate the thought of being without a brand new laptop for a week, just because of a spot on the screen.

02-24-2011, 09:27 PM
Update on this thread:

Sent in the Laptop for an RMA when I finally got sick of the random BSODs and video glitches I was getting back in Jan.. and the CSR noted the screen needed replacing as well. Well, the Indy repair facility managed to fix the BSOD issues (BIOS corruption).. but ignored the screen issue entirely.

Within 1 day of getting the laptop back, I had to file ANOTHER RMA to get the panel replaced.

So.. sent the laptop in last week, they received it on Friday, didn't report it as being received until the 22nd and now they're 'repairing' it for the last 2 days.

Question: for those that have sent in their machines to have the panel replaced.. how long did it take???

I ask because I can replace an LCD, inverter, and cables in roughly 10-20mins.. and that's while being interrupted by our CIO and my other techs. The CSR I talked to today, has indicated it will take 15 business days to replace the panel. That just seems unconscionably LONG to be without a machine for half a month.. to replace something I can do, in 20mins.. tops. Heck, the WORST case scenario when I've had to order parts, we're talking 3-4 days... and that's only because while I'm an auth'd repair tech for a multitude of vendors of laptops.. I'm not a 'repair center' (which should have simple things like LED panels, HDs, RAM, IN STOCK)

Frustrated here.. would like to hear some opinions.

02-24-2011, 09:31 PM
It's probably due to backlog and availability on-hand for panels.