View Full Version : G752 - XSplit disabled main audio, keyboard not backlit until I sign in

05-20-2016, 09:22 AM
I started using the XSplit software as it works more efficiently than the software that I bought a few months ago, and I noticed that it disabled my laptop's main audio.
This isn't too much of an issue as I am typically using a headset anyway, but it something that I want to be in working order.

I have the driver disabled for now as it seems to be something for streaming which I tried once and probably won't do again for quite some time, but I would like to resolve the issue, regardless.
Or at least have the XSplit guys know about it so they can fix it if it's an issues that's on their end.

On a second note, I have noticed that, on startup, my keyboard back-lighting doesn't turn on until I have logged into my computer. How would I go about changing settings so that the lighting turns on when I want to put in my password?
It lights up if I simply lock my computer (or close the lid), but on startup it does not.