View Full Version : Gameplus Crosshairs moves and disappears.

05-20-2016, 06:31 PM
I have an MG279Q and the monitor itself is great, good panel with no bad pixels.
But for some reason the gameplus crosshair won't stay, every few minutes it sometimes moves to the top left of the screen, and eventually disappears.
I have to press the button again and re-enable it. It's really annoying, what can i do to make it stay??

05-24-2016, 10:07 AM
Thanks for reporting this issue, would it be possible to record a short clip with this issue so we can show this issue to our display team?

06-01-2016, 07:17 PM
Sorry for the late reply, i'm subscribed to the thread, but for some reason it didn't send me an email notice.

Yea, i can take a video of it. It's really annoying and i wish it would just stay put. It sometimes moves to the top left of the screen, and/or is constantly disappearing after a few minutes.

Edit: i only had it set to notify me on the control panel, not email. My fault.