View Full Version : Problem with G73JW power connection

05-23-2016, 02:30 PM
Recently my G73JW has been constantly switching from AC mode to Battery mode. I took out the battery and it still does this, even though its not possible for the laptop to enter battery mode with no battery installed.

The power jack heats up a lot sometimes, and occasionally there's a buzzing/whirring sound. I bought this laptop a few years ago, so I'm pretty sure I'm not covered by any warranty anymore.

I think the problem is with the connection of the power cord to the laptop, but the battery also seems to be contributing to the problem (its a replacement that I got a couple of years ago after my original died).

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, although I think at this point, paying to fix this laptop wouldn't be worth it, and I would be using my money better just getting a new computer.