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05-24-2016, 08:49 PM
I just purchased anew G752-VT from XOTIC-PC. A day after I got it I discovered softwarewas missing. There were no ASUS ROG Utilities. Apparently theybelieved the ASUS items were bloat-ware and deleted them. After muchcomplaining a XOTIC-PC tech remote logged in to my laptop and addedback most of the items. Some things are missing and there are someitems I don't fully understand.

1) Sonic Studio and SonicRadar - I cannot find it on the laptop. I read it was in the drivers.Is this correct? Does anyone know where I can get these
if itturns out they are not on the laptop?

2) Keyboard lights
2_1 - in the online pictures I see keys lit for FPS, MOBA andRTS. However, all I can ddo is set the right side of the keyboardkeys off and the left side - on.
What am I missing?
2_2 -in the same pictures for the FPS, MOBA and RTS the keys are outlinedin colors other than RED. However, all I have are RED outlines aroundmy keys.
Again, what am I missing?

3) If I click onthe mic key that is to the left of the macro keys, M1, M2, M3 etc"Asus One Click to record" pops up. If I click on the"Launch App" button - nothing happens. Any ideas?

Thanksfor any and all help.


05-24-2016, 09:09 PM
what u need are the original files from the esuppot folder , then u can install all the original G752 programs .
I found a link with the esupport folder u can install all the original software from that folder
Here is where u can find the esupport folder with all the softare.
esupport folder click on download
the only color for the keyboard is Rog Red, there is little or no bloatware on the G752
G752 driver page

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