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05-25-2016, 06:17 PM
First off the cost. I got it in Canada from Newegg for 199 CAD which is about 149 USD. Delivery was from the US and took a week.

Initial impressions as I opened the box was that this was one big mouse. It dwarfs the Razer Mamba. The instruction manual was next and it is really only a "getting started guide" in about 15 languages and wasn't much help at all.

Next up was the carrying case. A nice case, sturdy with a zipper. It contained the charging stand with a very nice steel feeling base that is heavy so the charger base will not move around on the desk. Two cords, one long, one short. Also two switches and some stickers. One thing I noticed is that the mouse cannot fit into the case if the charging base is in there as well, at least not easily. I'm assuming if you are taking it on the road it is understood that you'll charge it via one of the cords provided.

I downloaded the ROG Armory software and plugged the mouse in. Immediately I was given the option to upgrade my firmware for the mouse, which I did. Other than that, there was no manual what-so-ever. I checked online under the Spatha product and there was nothing. While most of the Armory software is fairly straight forward, there are little things like switching between profiles that took a bit longer to figure out. (BTW to switch between profiles you have to hold down the profile button and click one of the side buttons that corresponds with the profile). This isn't so bad but I would have much better liked if I could assign a button to cycle up or down through the various profiles with a single click. As of this time I am not seeing that is possible.

The feel of the mouse is hefty. I'm a fan of heavy mice which is one of the reasons I wanted this one. It glides very smoothly. The buttons are all easily reachable with the exception of the middle side button which is a little awkward. They all feel solid and give decent feedback when pressed.

I have started using it in wireless mode and have been quite happy with the response time. The dock is about a meter away and so far I haven't had any latency issues or interruption.

I'm going to use it as my daily driver for a few weeks to get a decent feel for it, but I'd like to offer up Asus, if they ever read these things, some suggestions.

1. Get a manual up, online or add it with the mouse. This is standard and should have been done already.
2. Allow users to set a button that will scroll up or down through the profiles. Having to press two buttons isn't as convenient as one and can be awkward while playing games.
3. Add an option to have the profile info to flash up on screen so one can see what profile they are on. There is no indicator on the mouse as to what profile is currently set.
4. Allow the Armory to show you basic information while the mouse is in wireless mode. The big thing is battery life. While in wireless mode, the armory shows zero information. I understand that people can't change settings while in wireless mode, but there should be some indication of battery life other than to have the mouse start blinking at 20%.

That is about it for now. I'll continue to use it. Overall i'm liking the feel.

06-13-2016, 04:45 PM
Suggestion #3 is my ONLY complaint about this mouse. It's everything I hoped it would be.