View Full Version : Got Asus 560 Ti but no code for game..

Baron Munchausen
12-27-2011, 06:58 PM
So went to fry's here in Vegas.. Got the card and mentioned about the Code for Batman: Arkham City.. well after running around with a salesperson for about 15 mins and asking other sales folk.. went back to where we started in the PC department..it seems NO one knew about the code.. so the Guy that was in charge of the PC dept (After I showed him my phone with the sale item mentioned on the frys website) went to his system and pulled up the same website (shocking) and just said 'Ohh we are out of stock'. Like really?? since it said 'while supplies last' it seems he just went the escape route and did not even try to find any info on the code deal. I told him the company should take the deal off the website..what about those who order online?? Of course I got the 'I do not know look'.

So I am thinking whom should I write to..Fry's..Nvidia..ASUS?? I am thinking Nvidia would be the best bet since it is with other brands of the 560 ti (and other series).

Anyone else had a problem with getting a code for B:aC/BF3/Skyrim??

O well time to put my beast together and calm down some.