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05-31-2016, 12:40 AM
Hello all I have a g750jw came with 1tb hdd I'm going to a 240gb ssd. I tried resizing partition down to 200gb but wont go lower than 400gb. And won't boot from a cd to use a program called gparted to try to help resizing so I can just clone. I only have 180gb take up on the hard drive but from what I read u can not clone unless the partition is equal to to less than the deatition drive. If anyone has any links to help me out.much apreciated.

05-31-2016, 06:56 AM
Hi mate! Would just like to know a bit more as to what you're trying to achieve? From our understanding you are wanting to change the 1TB HDD in your laptop to a 240GB SSD? If so, it might be a bit tricky to clone the entire 1TB HDD to the 240GB SSD. Best way might be to start clean, back up relevant files from your 1TB HDD and replace the HDD with the SSD and start with a clean Windows installation on the new SSD. Otherwise try cloning only the Windows installation as that will not be the entire 1TB HDD. A good program to look at is Kingston's Acronis True Image which can be used to clone the OS. Hope this helps, if we got it wrong please provide more information.