View Full Version : ASUS ROG gl552vw-dh71 randomly shutsdown

06-02-2016, 08:51 PM
I purchased my gl552vw-dh71 back in March and had issues with the power adapter that was shipped with the laptop. No problem, they send me out a new one. The laptop works perfectly until last night. I was just browsing on Google Chrome and the thing just hard shuts down. Mind you I have the computer plugged into the wall. I also have my computer on a cooler pad normally so its not from overheating. First thing I do is try to power the thing on with the power button. Nothing. Then, I try another outlet with the same power adapter. Nothing still. Then, I try another power adapter and another outlet. Still nothing. This thing will not turn on. Basically, I accepted that my computer got fried or something for no reason. I browse replacement laptops for the remainder of the night. Early the next morning out of random curiousity I try to turn on my laptop with only the battery inside. WAWLA! It then suddenly just turned on without a hiccup. WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED??? That is not normal at all for a laptop to be doing that. I am a network administrator by trade and know a thing or two about computers. I originally thought it was a bad motherboard and was going to send it back to ASUS because it is still under warranty. However, I read on a few forums today that it could be that the graphics card the 960m is not playing nice with voltage and the high performance power plan I have it set to. They said if I download MSI Afterburner and underclock the computer a few hundred MHZ, and switching the power plan to balanced. IF I DID THAT THEN THERE IS NO POINT IN HAVING THE LAPTOP. I had already made a compromise to have a thicker laptop with better specs than thinner notebooks so that I could game. So now I would have a thick laptop that cant game. Essentially making the darn thing handicapped. So here are some big questions. Should I send it back to ASUS and play their shenanigans with shipping and fixing the issue? Should I just flat out sell the thing on craigslist? Should I try the recommended fix and just live with a messed up computer? None of these options sound exactly pleasant either. So ASUS forum readers, what should I do???

06-08-2016, 02:11 AM
Hi mate,

Sorry to hear about your issue, it sure sounds like something that shouldn't be happening to your laptop and underclocking the GPU is definitely not a solution.

Best thing to do is to give your local ASUS Technical Support a call and see what they suggest you do.

All the best!