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06-07-2016, 08:49 AM
Hi everyone,
For some time now my G750 reaches 95-98C both CPU and GPU after a 10 min gaming session (overwatch, Ark, Diablo 3). It's not overclocked in any way, i rather have a long and slow life for it than a fast and short one :)

I opened it to clean the fans, without success. I bought an external fan that suck the air from the exhaust, I gained maybe 2 or 3.

As it's not on warranty time, should I repaste it and if yes is there any good guide around ? I just found some forum posts that talk about the kind of paste I should buy but no walkthrough or tutorials.

PS : I live in France and I can't find any decent repair shop for that kind of hardware. Easy to find for desktop comps but not for gaming laptops.

Thanks for your help

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06-07-2016, 05:30 PM
Time to repaste. Even good paste jobs will dry out over time and require reapplication. The hardest part is the tear down.

This vid shows the teardown.. Flip it over, remove the screw holding the heatsink on and remove, clean old paste off with swabs and denatured alcohol, repaste, reassemble.


Just dont half a$$ the repaste on the GPU like this guy did. Clean it all including the Vram.