View Full Version : ASUS ROG G501JW is constantly experiencing TDR events. How to fix?

06-12-2016, 07:19 AM
Hi guys.

A couple of months ago a bought an ASUS ROG G501JW.
The machine is running on a latest Windows 10, Home edition.
More specs:
Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz,


Intel HD Graphics 4600 inside
NVidia GeForce 960M

Samsung SSD EVO 850 M.2 120GB

Ever since I've had it I have always experienced random TDR events.
I tried updating my Intel drivers (The TDR aways comes from the Intel HD Graphics driver experiencing a timeout)
but to no success. Am I the only one experiencing this? How can I detect the root cause for these TDRs and fix it?

06-21-2016, 04:22 PM
Yes, relatively frequently, and also only with the Intel VGA driver. However, I'm still running the Windows 8 driver because the Windows 10 Intel VGA driver from the Asus Support website won't install on my system, likely because it's designed for Skylake and I'm running Broadwell. All other Windows 10 drivers installed without a problem.

I'm going to try installing the VGA driver directly from Intel and see if that fixes the problem.

06-24-2016, 07:28 PM
Unfortunately I don't believe installing an Intel driver is going to help in any way. I already tried that. Intel drivers are
version 15.something.something and ASUS drivers are still at 10.something so installing an Intel driver seemed like the best idea possible.
ASUS drivers are customised however (idk why, but probably there is a reason)

So Intel knows that and when trying to install their drivers they they say they are incompatible and redirect you to the ASUS website.
I reinstalled my Chipset driver to the latest provided on the ASUS support page and again reinstalled my Intel HD Graphics driver to the latest available.
Alas that did nothing to improve my condition. Meanwhile since apparently noone from ASUS services is looking at the forums to resolve such kind of problems,
I am contacting the ASUS support via chat. So far this hasn't been of much help, but I am not going to leave this as is. I have paid a good amount of money for this
laptop and I am expecting it to work as promised.