View Full Version : G551JW Auto Shut Down while gaming, solved by changing BIOS

06-18-2016, 11:56 PM
Hello Guys,

I have this weird problem, I'm not sure if it's really weird but, the thing is, whenever i play Dota 2 or any other heavily graphic games, it shuts down before even started
playing, but i found this rare solution which is changing the bios, whenever these things happened.

The weird thing about this is , i have the same version of bios G551JW.T06 before i reinstalled the same bios.
So in short, whenever my g551 gets shutdown while gaming, i just reinstall the G551JW.T06 bios over and over whenever the problem occurs.

Then my laptop wouldn't shut down, since i'm planning to return this before july to cover the warranty.

Now the question is, why do you think does this happened? Why changing bios does the trick every time the problem occurs?

Thank You

06-20-2016, 03:47 PM
I think you would have found that just restarting the game again would have fixed it (if you could manage to alt tab the game). I think it just overheats or hits some memory issue. Probably with the GTX card. I couldn't seem to find any acurate data in the sys logs about when it happened. Just generic app hang codes. It never acually shuts down. It goes to sleep like state. I decided it wasn't detecting me as active when using a controller.