View Full Version : installing N750JV new SSD with no recovery partition

06-22-2016, 07:27 PM

I got a bit tired of having to wait for my slow hdd to be stuck at 100% usage and be constantly swapping so I got a new SSD and i'm looking to install it.
I seen a post here saying I should use backtracker but I have lost the recovery partition some time ago.
Any help/advice on how to do this?

I'm on windows 10 now upgraded from windows 8, laptop is actually a N750JV apologize if its in the wrong section.
I guess at this point i dont mind doing a clean installation of windows 10 if I wont have trouble with the serial etc.
thanks a lot in advance for any input!

06-23-2016, 03:03 AM
You can use the alternative to Backtracker - AOMEI OneKey Recovery to create a recovery partition on your hard disk first and then restore system to new SSD from the
recovery partition. Unlike Backtracker, AOMEI OKR doesn't need that the factory shipped recovery partition is intact. Only if your current os is working, it can make a
recovery partition (http://www.backup-utility.com/okr/asus-system-recovery-partition-1234.html) based on it.

06-23-2016, 04:57 AM
Do you not have 2 drive bays?
Install new drive in second bay and clone it, done.
If you bought a Samsung drive you can use their data migration, if not Macrium reflect is free.
Even if you dont have a second drive bay you can pick up an adapter to do it VIA USB, just takes longer.

06-23-2016, 12:01 PM
thanks a lot guys, I do have 2 bays I was actually considering doing the cloning thing.
however it does seem that a clean installation of windows 10 should now accept my win 8 serial right?

in that case i was thinking of just going ahead and doing a clean win 10 install on the ssd, if things go wrong i should be able to just swap the other drive back in the primary.
if it works i can just reformat the old and use for storage.