View Full Version : ROG G752 gets rated 5/5 by Stuff Magazine!!!

06-30-2016, 08:03 PM
The ROG G752 gets rated 5/5 by Stuff Magazine. The Reviewer had to say the Following about this monstrous Performer -

Like a master carpenter at work, ASUS reshapes its product with fine but deliberated movements, a millimeter off here, and a new component there. But this time, they have changed the entire look. Gone is the boring black-and-black; in is a sexy new Armor Titanium and Plasma copper colour scheme. This is the best looking gaming laptop we’ve seen in a while and if you are not sold by the looks alone, let the specs blow you away. With a RAM capacity expandable of 64GBs, it spells absolute madness. Handling today’s game is as easy as chomping on a fresh pizza when hungry, and it doesn’t falter one bit. Games like fallout 4 and Quantum break prove taxing on systems, but the ASUS handles them with ease. The loading time is impressive as well. You get a lot for your money here.

“The best laptop this kind of money can buy for serious gamers.”