View Full Version : G752VY Stress Test Problem? (Furmark+Prime95)

07-01-2016, 08:01 AM

I was carried out the day stress test result is as follows.

Furmark + Prime95

Nvidia Driver version : 368.39

G752VY Bios : 213


1. CPU clock is being dropped to 2.8, it was confirmed that the temperature continues to rise.

2. The more heat is discharged from the left pan, right pan low heat emissions and less noise.

Is there is a problem with my laptop?

07-04-2016, 03:19 AM
Most likely, your CPU is "Power Limit Throttling". If you notice, it's drawing 45 watts, which is the "Turbo Power Boost Max" for the Skylake i7 mobile chips. When the limit is reached, it rapidly switches between base max clock (2.8ghz) and turbo max clock (3.1ghz) to limit power consumption. This can be avoided using intels "eXtreme Tuning Utility", either by lowering core voltage (seriously, try this out, it will get down to -150-175mV and drop core temps by ~10-15c STABLE), or increasing the Turbo Power Boost Max, which will crank up your temps and stress your power supply (it's only 180 watts).

Also, the left fan is the CPU, the right fan is the GPU. The GPU runs significantly cooler than the CPU in this laptop, so the fan runs less on that side. To compound this, asus decided to use the CPU side to increase GPU cooling capacity as well, meaning that when the GPU gets hot, the CPU is allowed to get even hotter because the heat sink is reaching thermal saturation. I've not had an overheating problem, but it would have been nice to just have the coolers be separate.

Oh, last thing, make ABSOLUTELY certain you use prime95 v266, otherwise you're stressing parts of the CPU in ways that they never would be stressed under any feasible load EXCEPT prime95.