View Full Version : G750jz Questions about Intel Graphics and CPU/GPU Upgrades

07-01-2016, 11:20 AM
Good afternoon,
I own a laptop G750JZ, CPU Intel Core i7-4860HQ @ 2.40 GHz. GPU GTX880m.
First I would like to know if I can disable the integrated Intel GPU.
Secondly i would like to know if i can upgrade my CPU or GPU.
Thank you.

07-01-2016, 03:41 PM
You will not be able to disable your iGPU because your model is of a MUXless config, essentially Optimus, which acts as a pass-through connection to your dGPU. Meaning, there is only one port display connection used and no "MUX" present to switch it. The best you can do is change adapter priority in NVIDIA Control Panel, unfortunately.

You will not be able to upgrade your CPU as it's of BGA connection and not a socket like previous gen ROG notebooks used. So you are stuck with the 4860HQ. To put the GPU upgrade simply, it's very complicated, takes a lot of resources (with no guarantee it'll work in the end either) and requires a lot of end user skill to make it all happen or it'll be even more expensive. It's not worth the hassle and headaches and downtime troubleshooting odds and ends. Best option is to sell and upgrade notebooks, perhaps to one that allows CPU/GPU upgrades (has CPU socket and standard MXM GPU support).