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07-08-2016, 11:51 AM
It was easy simply download a new Windows 10 image with the creation tool and put it on USB Stick
Find your MB Driver DVD and other software you need.
Then shut down PC unplug Internet cable or wireless PC has to be offline during install of Windows 10 and when you install the mei, chipset and then aisuite programs
IT worked like a charm.
You can now plug connect to internet and dl the newest AI suite and upgrade it, i do not know if it would have worked with the newest drivers and ai suite
as long as you do it offline, feel free to try but this worked and mei and chipset and lan are now also upgraded to Windows 10
The only problem i have is Nvidia's newest driver i used the geforce experience program to dl but it would not dl it froze, so i will try to dl via web and then install
Hope this helps anyone with my problems

If anyone read my comments on the excellent post made by another user how ro install AI suite for those who can not or something like that.
Well it did not help me much so I had to use my own way here it is.
If you do not know your way around the inside of a PC do not do as described any damage is on your hands this is just what I did what you do is up to you

This is My Own little Guide to Getting Ai Suite 3 Installed on Windows 10,
For those who had the same problem as id did.
FORGET about trying to get Ai suite installed When you have done a clean install of Windows 10.
Its never going to happen, and will only annoy the hell out of you trying.
I know been trying for 6 months, so don't bother.
Here are my steps for users with a LEGAL Windows 8.1:
1. dl the medie creation tool for Windows 8.1, start the program choose lang "i use eng UK" choose which version of Windows 8.1 you have a legal key for "I don't really care if you have a legal version or not but mine are" make sure you choose the right version, in my case i have/had Windows 8.1 pro, then choose arc in my case i have x64 so i went with that.
Then choose the make USB or ISO if you prefer, but i would just go with USB because its not staying on my pc so no need to use nlite to customize the ISO, this will prob take some time, not as fast as With the Windows 10 tool, and i have a 500/500MB Fiber Optic Connection.
2. If your IC can handle you can use the wait to dl the MEI and Chipset Drivers for Windows 8.1 from Asus site DO NOT GET THE NEW ONES FROM INTEL USE THE DRIVERS FROM ASUS SITE.
Then get the AI Suite 3 updated version for Windows 8.1 NOT WINDOWS 10!!!!
And the Lan driver.
3. If you have a Gaming device from Logitech, and use LGS head over there and get new one
I just dl the version for Windows 10 its the same as Windows 8.1 so not any trouble to get installed.
4. When you have these things and the image on USB, shut down your pc open the side panel and rem every PCIe or pci card so only your Graphics card is left, if you use onboard do NOT TRY AND YANK THE GPU OUT THAT WOULD BE BAD, and if you somehow got your pc running without it, please reply asap i am sure a lot would like to know how you got your pc running after rem the CPU/GPU.
5. Disconnect your other Hard drives so only the one "in my case my ssd 500 is left connect" just dc the sata or power no need to take them out my power cords on my corsair can be rem from the psu so its easy.Put the side panel back on or not up to you.
6. THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!! remove the cat cable/lan cable if you use wireless DC it in bios.
Your pc must not be connected to the internet while installing Windows 8.1 why?
Because it will get updated drivers and try to update everything no need for that YET!.
7. Put the USB stick in a usb 2.0 not 3.0 slot boot pc and press F2 or DEL to enter Bios if you know how to disable the Asus annoying power saver feature "I use my 40 inch lcd" as PC monitor and if the drivers for my Graphics card are not installed Bios takes over and after 10 sec my screen goes black and i have to press a key on my tv remote if you do not np.
8. When you have done that or not in bios head to boot menu choose override boot and choose the uefi usb stick.
9. these steps eveyone prob knows input your Windows 8.1 legal licens key choose name use express settings faster and since we are upgrading to Win 10 it does not matter.
del the partitions and when none left click next and were of then wait wait wait wait
10. When you finally are in the Desktop DO NOT CONNECT to the internet yet
Install the MEI drivers "no reboot" chipset "no reboot"
Then install the Ai suite 3 for Windows 8.1 "reboot" if you have a cat cable connect it while it reboots "i do that" I better write you should when back in Windows shut down pc connect wireless or Cat that way you do not damage your pc boot, when your logged in Install the LGS if you use it if not, then install the drivers for ur IC at no time should you head to Windows update or update anything else sure your screen looks funky but not for long.
I did not have to reboot after my drivers for IC where installed.
11. open what ever browser ur using ignore the setup and stuff search for Windows 10 medie creation tool make sure it from MS you dl it when it ask what you want to do just click run it.
Depending on your IC and what ever the install takes a bit longer then if you did a clean install it will prob be at 2% for a while do not panic.
When its done it will ask you to reboot to complete the install do so and wait some if all goes well it did so when i did it "was not so last summer always got the error at 49%"
But last night no problems.
The rest of the installation is as you know it connect to your ms account or not.
When Windows 10 is installed you can then dl the Windows 10 version of aisuite and upgrade it i have not done anything else yet the mei and chipset drivers are from windows 8.1 install no problems.

I hope this will help some of you out there, very annoying i can't do a clean install now i have to "clean" my pc rem the old Windows folder and such but atleast for now my pc is quiet and Ai suite 3 works so do my LGS.
You can now start putting your stuff back in or connect it i am doint that as i type this so good luck
Thank You

07-08-2016, 03:43 PM
Always remember to ground your self or you will be sorry.
Before opening your PC!

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Well then there is no problem you just need to stop drinking so much and wake up.
Good luck