View Full Version : Screen tearing - Asus ROG G750JX

07-15-2016, 04:35 PM

I have a g750JX laptop and I started playing WoW recently and noticed that I have some bad tearing. I tried to limit my FPS to 30, but I get input lag, making the game even worse than the tearing problem in itself.

My average FPS is around 47-52 in the game and I play it on High settings.

I have the latest Nvidia drivers installed and I tried to download the Asus g750JX drivers from the RoG website as well, but the page seems to be gone and I can't download any - I wanted to try G-Sync just to be sure.

I can't really think of any other solution at the moment and I tried looking into it on the internet before, but the only thing I got was capping the FPS and that's it...

I came here to ask you guys for help, thank you in advance.

07-17-2016, 02:08 PM
Back off on your game settings until the tearing stops, not capping. Move setting back to medium etc one at a time until its playable. GTX 770M is a few generations old, only about half the 3D marks scores of the lowest 965M. Recommended graphics for WOW is an 8800 GT desktop card that a 770M cant even remotely compete with.
The G750JX is not G sync compatible, no download will change that.

The real fix unfortunately is to retire your machine and take the plunge into more recent technology.