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12-29-2011, 11:47 AM
Okay, so I purchased my laptop over a year ago and it shipped with a ton of issues. I had the GSOD, the speaker static, you name it.

So a year later and I've done pretty much everything I can to fix it up, I'm running BIOS 213, vBIOS 93 (Chastity's custom ones for OverDrive) CCC 11.8 (11.12 caused some issues for me) and I've cleaned up the speaker static problem.

However, there are a few games that continue to disable my video card and cause it to reset itself. Shank and Battlefield 3 both come to mind, opposite ends of the spectrum.

I have overclocked and underclocked my card to no effect, the issue persists, so I keep a steady 800Mhz/1100Mhz clock speed, as I've heard that is stable.

I have upgraded my PSU to a larger wattage, as with the stock PSU I experienced lockups and BSODs.

I have not had any overheating problems since I flashed my vBIOS to 93, especially as I've been cleaning out my laptop regularly.

My current issues are the aforementioned GPU reset issue, as it has rendered Battlefield 3 and Shank both unplayable, and several other games (Lego Star Wars, Quake III Arena) gambles per each restart.

In addition, but not as urgent, certain outlets in my house cause my GPU to just freeze and lock up, may be some kind of short. I know the wiring in my house, and it is independent of how many devices are on a particular circuit, as it stands I have an extension cord running halfway through my house to a circuit I know works without issue.

I've been a long time lurker as I tried my fixes, and I hear Chastity is off for some kind of retraining, but can anyone help resolve this issue? I'm at a loss, I feel like I have done everything I possibly can.

GPU-Z Screenshot

Windows 7 64 bit (Home Premium)
Intel Core-i7 Q720
Mobility Radeon HD 5870 (CCC 11.8, vBIOS 93 OD2)
BIOS 213

12-29-2011, 01:55 PM
What are your max temps? Are you sure its not overheating?

To make sure its an outlet/dirty power issue, if you're not afraid to experiment I'd grab a tunable DC power supply from somewhere (e.g. I work at a university physics department and we have a few of these things in the shop), dial it up to 19 volts (what your AC adaptor puts out now) and hook it in. That'll be the cleanest DC power signal your laptop will ever get, and if your card stops locking/resetting then its time to call the power company.

12-29-2011, 07:44 PM
I have seen 80 C on my GPU since the vBIOS update, but it's rare. Throughout testing (and stress testing with 720p Furmark) I have hit 73 C, but that's it. When the lockups happen, my computer is cool to the touch. I am almost entirely sure it's not an overheating issue, as low end games have the problem as well, like Shank.

However, I will look into borrowing or finding a tunable power supply over the next couple of days to test this out, as there is a 0.5V difference between my old and new PSUs, but everyone recommended my current PSU specifically for the G73Jh and said not to worry about the 0.5V difference. This is especially true because of the increase in Wattage I have gained with the PSU which gave me confidence that my card is getting enough power.

I am also pretty sure it's more of a firmware/software issue, as I have discovered that having Origin open causes games to lock up that would not normally (Saints Row: The Third, specifically).

Also, it's not a rebooting/BSOD issue, it's the "display driver AMD driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered" issue where the screen just blacks out for a few seconds.

Thanks though! I will definitely look into a tunable power supply, although I don't recall any power/wiring problems for any device other than my G73Jh.

EDIT: I should also mention that I have tried playing the game(s) without my PSU plugged in, running off battery, hopefully that test would eliminate power/voltage problems, but the issue continued so... :\

EDIT AGAIN: GAH! It looks like Origin now causes the issue whether a game is open or not. This is during a test in which I took out my USB-powered laptop cooling pad/fan, and removed the battery to run purely off the PSU. The temperatures maintained a steady 65 C on the GPU, 50ish C for the CPU.

12-30-2011, 01:13 AM
Also, it's not a rebooting/BSOD issue, it's the "display driver AMD driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered" issue where the screen just blacks out for a few seconds.

This issue happens frequently?

12-30-2011, 01:34 AM
By the way have you done any service pack update yet?