View Full Version : Changed my PSU and now the PC won't POST

07-22-2016, 03:28 AM
Hello I have just changed out my PSU for a Corsair RM1000i, when I powered on the system there was a flash of lights, power light come on for a split second,
then everything turned off,

My system,
Rampage V extreme Edition 10
I7 5960x
CyroRig A80 AIO water cooler
G.Skill Ripjaw 4 2800 32G
Tr2 700 bronze
Razer H440 NZXT case.
2x HD7950 ( my old cards going to upgrade to the new GTX 1000 cards soon)

I am not getting any Q-codes the display is not lit up at all,
the mobo still has RGB lights lit up.
I reinstalled my old PSU that the system was running on and it still wont boot,
Ive tested the Corsair PSU by bridging the On wire with a Gnd wire,
I've then checked all the power outs on the back to confirm they are all correct for the 8 pin ESP connectors and the 24 pin connector,
Ive also checked all the ESP cables with a meter to confirm the pin outs are correct.
There is a burnt smell from the PSU but all the connections appear to be in the correct voltage range ( I had 4 fans plugged in for a load when testing)
Ive removed and inspected the socket for bent pins, re seated the CPU and reattached the AIO watercooler,
Ive changed out the GPUs for a know good one ( an old HD6770)

Any Ideas on what to do next?

07-22-2016, 04:17 AM
If you have a burnt smell coming from the PSU then chances are high that its toast.
You need an efficient PSU of good quality for your setup.

Don't risk any further damage and swap it out with a working unit of similar or higher Wattage.
If you decide to get a new PSU get a Seasonic or EVGA at 850W gold or Platinum certified.
Ah I see you have Corsair RM1000i. normally a good unit but with all PSUs they can fail. RMA the unit.

08-05-2016, 12:04 AM
There is a minor opportunity that your motherboard may have survived. Try the following to restart Intel ME (Management Engine) to see if this bring life back to your board:

1. Change back to your old PSU
2. Remove AC power cord
3. Hold the power button till no LED on the board remain lid.
4. Remove CMOS battery
5. Clear CMOS for 10 seconds.
6. Place the CMOS battery back to the board.
7. Reconnect AC power cord

You may need to service the board if you still see no sign of life after this point.