View Full Version : Asus rog g771jw fps jumps

07-22-2016, 09:51 PM
Hello, I've just recently bought G771JW with onboard intel and GTX 960M graphics cards. The problem is that i can't play CS:GO, dota2 , etc. even on the lowest settings possible because i can still feel constant fps jumpings up and down. I chose to use GTX on nvidia panel all the time, changed power plan for balanced power but still nothing helped. BTW i'm using Win10 , was pre-installed. After close fps inspection it changes from 60 to 4-5 fps sometimes (like little freeze).
I read some topics on forum about this problem but nothing helpng. Maybe now u guys now something ehich will fix it . Any help would be appreciated.
PS If u need sme tests in 3dmark or something else, just text here and i will post results.
PSS sorry for my english, i'm not english-speaking

FIX 100% : Go to power options,plan settings,advanced,find Processor Power Management,and at Maximum Processor state change from 100 to 98.Apply,Job done.
P.S : Use maximum performance Power Plan,and make sure you have your battery pluged in (for maximum performance) ,and from Nvidia Geforce have the Battery saver - OFF.you dont need battery,you need PERFORMANCE !