View Full Version : ROG 551JM Disque Upgrade question

07-23-2016, 10:18 AM
Hello i want to upgrade my ROG G551JM HDD To a SSHD, i was wondering if the disk i get should be SATA 3 7200 RPM or SATA 3 5400 RPM compatibility wise, is there a difference (one may work and the other may not) or is it only about performance?

07-23-2016, 01:48 PM
Yes the 5400 drive would be noticeable slower than 7200 drive. both are still extremely slow compared to a full blown SSD The Samsung 850 Evo are prices fairly completive now days. A 500GB one would probably do you, with an USB 3.0 Up to 3 TB External you could store conveniently your excess data