View Full Version : g53sw Black display colors are now all red

12-29-2011, 01:37 PM
My asus G53sw, has a display problem, all the black colors is discolored to red, i was wondering if this is a Driver problem or a loose video, due to the fact when i apply pressure a certain way the display goes back to normal. During boot up an error msg was displayed saying the display driver had a problem but the problem was solved so, im going to try to reinstall drivers, or do a OS reboot, if not only thing i cant think of is to open up the machine and see if the lcd connectors are connected and if the video card is intact.

i just want to know if anyone else had this problem and a solution, ill post pictures up soo to show the diplay,
(its not a screen hardware issue due to the fact the discoloration is random on laptop movement, and when rebooting up goes on and off) Any suggestion would help! i just got SWTOR and im getting left behind!