View Full Version : 3D Vision TOTALLY GONE on my G53JW

07-25-2016, 10:35 PM
dear rog community. please help me :(

i bought this laptop with win7 installed ( the original from the factory ) , everything worked fine.
i installed win10 , SOMEHOW i was able to use the 3d option UNTIL NVIDIA'S UPDATE fkd everything up. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
the stereo 3d setting was gone from nvidia settings and the rog button wasnt working anymore.
im really freaking mad right now because i tried almost everything and i gave up. (AFTER LIKE 2weeks of searching, trying etc. )

this is what i tried:
1. used ddu to uninstall every nvidia driver , reinstalled them
2. used ddu again, installed the old nvidia drivers from asus support site + standalone 3d vision driver
3.clean driver install
4. turn on stereo 3d option in win10 display setup, nothing happens but tried to install the drivers with that switch on but NOTHING
5. tried to install only the 3d vision drivers manually but it says everytime something different. Once it says 'my gpu doesnt support 3d' once 'my display is not capable for 3d'
ARE YOU KIDDING ME???????????????

UPDATE: when i went to bed, i always plug in hdmi and close the notebook. so the notebooks displays switching of, and the freaking stereo 3d in nvidia control panel appears , but only 3dtv or something like that. ( i have 3d tv but its only passive so i dont like it)
i open up the notebook and the stereo disappears again.

i read a lot about the emitter , but its installed and working properly. but never seen the led turned on.

PLEASE HELP , i want to play in 3d again :(