View Full Version : Asus g551 Blurry camera

08-03-2016, 05:06 PM
Hello ,
I bought Asus rog g551 after few days of use , my mother used the skype an accidentally change the camera in video settings from pixelmaster HDS to USB 2.0 uvc webcam.
After changing the settings i could never return to the original pixel master HDR settings . I tried different methods to reinstall the drivers ,delete skype registers , but nothing
work even when I open asus virtual camera program just crash or open the USB camera every program open this camera now. I been told that if i preinstall the windows everything
should be normal .. but yesterday I set an SSD and set a new windows 10 and still i use the USB cam and can switch to pixel master HDR. I use this laptop for work and dont want to
send it back to the store i bought it because this is not an casual problem and might take a long time .If u have some ideas or link to someone that already fix that problem
i will be very thankful .If u have some other questions about machine or something else i am not a super tech guy but will try to answer you.

Best Regards .