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08-04-2016, 03:33 PM
Ok since I'm always recommending Macrium reflect, I need to let everyone know that with the MS AU update, MR schedules will not run.
This does not effect any Imaging or restoring Images. The issue is isolated to those of us that have moved our Backup solutions to MR, It appears to be an issue with Windows Task Scheduler 1.0 API, regardless if your running Scheduled back ups you need to have a look and run manuals for a bit until MR People get a work around or fix.
Justin I know you are running Acronis are you having this issue also????

Here is the link to the main thread on this on the MR Forum (http://forum.macrium.com/Topic8364-3.aspx)

08-04-2016, 03:47 PM
This is how I upgraded to W10 anniversary edition . I did not lose anything in the upgrade I went from W10 version 10240 to version 14393 , if the upgrade fails , Windows will install your previous version Asus G752 VY Took about 60 mins for the upgrade , disable your Antivirus exit running programs then run the upgrader. I only Made a Copy Of My "support folder" . Some posts on the net say if u have Razer hardware {keyboard , Mouse , Headphones} to Disconnect the Razer Hardware and close Razer Synapse or Upgrade my fail.
W10 upgrader W10 Upgrade Assistant
This is not a USB Tool its a direct download of W10 Anniversary Edition

08-04-2016, 04:05 PM
Yes I down loaded the ISO from Media Creations Tool to USB, I did not shut down anything except programs, I had Classic Shell, 8 Gadget Pack, core temp . and Norton and Malwarebytes running.
So I started the upgrade from the .exe file on the USB, all together it took about 30 minutes to install, It took a few minutes for 8gadget to update and run,Classic Shell took a few seconds to update and ran auto. I had to manually start Core Temp, Norton and Malware bytes running and default as expected. Office pro 2013 + updated and working. Acrobat 9.5 working as expected, Adobe CS4 working as expected.
Really all I have found that is not working correctly is Macrium Reflect Schedules all manual operations seem to be working as expected.

08-10-2016, 10:18 AM
Schedules issue fixed with the MR patch v6.2.1495.

08-10-2016, 04:28 PM
Yes if you used one of the 2 work arounds you will need to reset setting in Task Scheduler, and if you use the change to window 10, you will need to rewrite all your definitions since they were delete. There is no way to import them back into the MR GUI.