View Full Version : G751 dual SSD easy upgrade suggestions?

08-05-2016, 07:09 AM
I have the G751JT

i already maxed the RAM
i have read many threads (there are way too many)
i know the data helps many of you but it gets off topic to me
so i want / ask / need help with the short easy answer

mine came only with a 1TB hd
i want to upgrade a bit but not excessive to either 1 SSD and the 1TB or 2 SSD drives
i am not concerned with the fastest of them
just want something that makes rendering video a little faster
i prefer making it easy and as affordable as doable for this laptop
i am buying a newer one maybe end of year or next year
so i dont want to be excessive this go

whats a good easy solution for maybe a 1TB SSD and 1TB HD (the one i have) or 2ea 1TB SSD drives
what is best and easiest way to set it up and transfer my current drive to it
p.s. o dont like acronis
it never clones well for me, and even their tech's give up and tell me to just image it and restore in the past whenever i did upgrades
and i have bought all the versions of their crap that i entend to
something that works is what i need without all the nonsence and on hold calls to a call center elsewhere

are there some right to the point videos on youtube for this prcess as well?

i am not as concerned about boot time as making adobe go faster when its doing it thing without me

suggestions and feedback apprtiated
thanks for the assist