View Full Version : ASUS ROG G751JT-WH71(WX) Broken touchpad connector

08-06-2016, 06:11 PM
So, one day playing on my laptop at work, I noticed that the touchpad was fickle. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it would not. Eventually, the touch pad stopped working all together. When I returned home, I took the keyboard off and much to my dismay, the connector for the touchpad was loose. Ready to break off. The status lights also were not working, as the connector was removed from the motherboard entirely.

My question is: Is there ANY way to fix this? Re-soldering, or the like?

That laptop is only a couple months old. Purchased around May of this year.

08-07-2016, 03:51 AM

I would try the nearest Asus service center, because it is definitely in warranty. In case it isn't, I've seen on eBay the kit with the TouchPad and the Two Buttons... easy to find and not that expensive, but replacing it require some skills, you can find a lot of videos in Youtube showing the disassembly process.

Let us know if you have a solution.