View Full Version : Waranty Void if Authorized Asus Repair Center Repastes my Thermal compound?

08-19-2016, 09:21 AM
Greetings everyone, i heard many say that asus used cheap thermal paste on their laptop. Will my laptop waranty void if I take my laptop to an authorize asus repair center to repaste the thermal compund?:confused:

08-19-2016, 01:44 PM
Why do you want to replace it? Are you actually having heat issues, or are you just assuming you should do it based on what others have said? If you're talking about doing this on a new computer, unless they actually screwed up the paste job in the factory, you're unlikely to see more than 5C difference. Unless you're having heat issues, it's not worth the cost to have a shop basically rebuild your laptop. As far as whether it would void your warranty, I would suggest emailing ASUS customer support for an answer. In my opinion, if it's done by one of their authorized facilities, it shouldn't void the warranty, but my opinion isn't worth anything when discussing ASUS's decisions. FWIW, on my G75VW, there were no warranty void stickers anywhere, & it came apart without issue using only common screws when I replaced my wireless card. If handled properly, the only indication that it's ever been apart would likely be the different thermal paste.