View Full Version : Ventilator BURNT OUT G751 JT

Alan Lacey
08-21-2016, 02:03 PM
Hello everybody,

today i wasnt even forcing the machine, i was just watching a bit of netflix, and its not even that hot today, so no excuses, and my right ventilator, suddenly just made a crackling noise and started smelling burnt.
When i checked the right ventilator had stopped working. I believe it will be too complicated to get it all done by guarantee, because i bought the laptop in the USA and i live in Spain, so i believe i will have to solve it myself.
what options do i have? how can i change, or fix the ventilator?

thanks a lot beforehand !


08-21-2016, 04:11 PM
it depends... when did you bought the laptop ? are you the 1st and original owner ?
AFAIK Asus does respect the warranty in your local country even if you bought the item abroad.
Nonetheless, they might restrict/limit the warranty in one way or the other, such as that you might need to pay for the shipment from/to your home ( but not for the computer parts etc.. ).
My suggestion is that you contact your county's asus's official representatives, (https://www.asus.com/support/rma-all-countries/) send them a receipt or any other proof of the date and the item you bought, and then ask if they respect the warranty ( again - they should, but they might put some limits.).

if they decline any warranty, as a last resort, I guest you PM the admin of this forum named "Bahz", he's an Asus employee ( not sure if he's from USA or the headquarters ) and *might* be able to help in further inquiry.