View Full Version : Asus RoH G750JW Upgrading problem. Help clear NVRAM

08-28-2016, 01:42 AM
I was upgrading hard drive. Experienced with hardware and most repairs. Put in new SSD drive and removed factory drive 500GB for a clean OS install and upgrade the old 5600rpm hdd.

First thing i opened case and pop in the new drive and power on. No post. No video. Keyboard indicators and fans running. I think it could be a bad drive but tested in another machine and it functions perfectly.

Next hing I do after placing new drive was remove it to check original hdd 500gb and the computer Works perfect again. But I want the SSD upgrade so I shutdown machine. Next is press F2 to enter my bios. Easy simply stuff as I fixed and repaired pcs for many years.

All I changed was the boot order of my drive. Saved settings. Shutdown and replaced 500gb factory with the new drive I purchased.

I boot laptop and no post. Put original hhd back in to try to revert boot order back to default drive and no post. No matter what drive I put in now after changing boot order. No post. No video. No logo.

I only changed very basic settings for new hard drive and my laptop seems bricked from a BIOS glitch.

To my knowledge NVRAM memory for my bios can't be resetted to factory without clearing this memory. I searched online and see that I am not the only person who is having bios issues with the G750JW.

I have tried removing all drives. All RAM. Placing one at a time. Disconnected power and battery. Holding power button for 3 min to discharge bios.

I also went as far as removing CMOS battery from motherboard and discharging remaining power. That is why I think I need another way to clear and restore factory BIOS settings. I've worked pc a long time and know this bios has bricked my laptop and I just want to reset it back to factory. Can you or anyone please help me? Cntrl+Home +power also will not restore from my Fat32 jump drive. Correct filenames.BIN on main jump. No post. No video. Does try to read or spin cd rom but will not read or access usb.

I can fix it if I resoldered a new bios chip but you may know safer easier way. Is there a jumper or can I short the data pin to ground on my bios chip? I am also aware of reprogramming my bios chip but I just want to reset it back to factory without spi or jtag a chip for what use to be a simple reset.

Simplified Question: How can I clear NVRAM BIOS settings and memory? I want my bios chip back to factory without doing surgery.

I also tried the cmos 01 and 02 jumper resets on board by memory sticks, However defaults aren't restored. Any guru out there that has had this problem?