View Full Version : G752VS (Pascal) - a couple of questions

08-28-2016, 12:35 PM

I'm considering to get the new G752VS laptop with GTX1070, but i have a couple of questions...
First of all, we're talking about a model Asus G752VS-GC118D, which seems to be the only one available for the moment at my place - Bulgaria. Still, first orders are starting from 15.09, so i still can't check it by myself.

- G-sync: from what i've read so far, G-sync is available? If that's correct - Optimus isn't used? So GTX 1070 is always on?!
- Screen - one of the local stores told me it will be 120Hz (the other 2 i asked didn't know). Is there a way to check this out. other than waiting for additional confirmations from the local stores?
Also, as far as i know, there are 3 available displays - 1080p 75hz, 1080p 120hz and 4k at 60hz. In this review ( http://www.notebookcheck.net/Asus-ROG-G752VS-Notebook-Review.171608.0.html ), i saw that the response time isn't so good - 38ms Gray to gray and 22ms Black to white.
Though, i'm not sure which display they reviewed - the 75hz one or the 120hz one. Is there a review of the 120hz display, so i can check what's the response time for it?

If the review is for the 120hz one, then is it going to cripple the 120hz refresh rate and ghosting might occur ? Most of the time i'm going to play FPS games like CS:GO, Overwatch for example.

- The CPU of the model available is i7 6700hq (6820hk is not available for now). I guess it should not be a bottleneck for the GPU in the future? The laptop has one Thunderbolt 3, so maybe if i go with exGPU, will the 6700 be good enough then? Nobody knows exactly, but still...

- It comes with 256 Nvme SSD and 5400rpm 1TB hdd - do you think i should upgrade to 7200rpm hdd? Or maybe just add another SSD in the future if it's needed (i think there are two slots for SSD).

Thanks a lot in advance! :)