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09-01-2016, 11:19 AM
Most people wish to set a high power target for their GPU. I wish to set a low power target. Is it possible to tweak a GPU so that it only consumes 10 percent of the power it would normally consume?

I'm asking because I want to know how low I can underclock an ASUS GPU if I buy one. I've been looking at the Asus Strix 1060. I understand that the Asus Strix 1060 comes with GPU Tweak II software. Is this correct? I also understand that GPU Tweak II has a slider on it called Power Target which allows you to adjust the power usage of your GPU on a percentage basis. Is this also correct?

I've never used GPU Tweak II. I'm making some leaps of faith here. I'm assuming that the Power target can be set below 100 percent. I'm wondering how far below 100 percent the Power Target slider will go. Will it go to 75 percent? Will it go to 50 percent? Will it go to 25 percent? Will it go to 10 percent?

The reason I wish to know this is I want to experiment with turning off my case fans entirely. If I can do this, I can build a totally silent PC.

The reason I want to turn off my case fans is because I want to build a home recording studio. Being able to record in the same room as a totally silent PC is a huge advantage.

So how low does the GPU Tweak II power slider go? Also, how well does it work?

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to reply. Since this is all a prospective computer build, any tips or suggestions will be fully appreciated. I've not purchased any components yet. I'm still in the planning stage.

Ed Abbott

09-02-2016, 01:44 PM
Will it go to 10 percent?
Ed Abbott

It looks like the answer to my question may, in fact, be embedded deeply in this thread:


NIKOSA43,https://rog.asus.com/forum/member.php?47830-nikosa43, seems to be suggesting that it is possible to run the graphics card at 10 percent power by doing absolutely nothing. By nothing, I mean no tweaking whatsoever.

Is this true? Is it true that running a nothing application will cause the card to drop to 10 percent power usage? My personal nothing application that I frequently use is the Goldwave Audio Editor. This editor has almost no motion on the screen. I'm guessing that no motion equals almost no power draw. Again, is this true?

I think NIKOSA43 may have answered my question, but I'm not absolutely certain. Will probably just have to buy the card and try it out to find out for sure.

Thanks in advance to anyone who might care to reply!

Ed Abbott