View Full Version : Rog G751JL Windows 10 shuts down while gaming

09-02-2016, 04:30 PM
I need help i've sent my laptop for RMA twice to Asus and they haven't fixed the issue with my laptop, first i sent it to fix the screen which got messed up for some reason.
Then i sent because of overheating issues which i think was the problem, because every time i play games and my laptop Package temperature reaches 75 Celsius it shuts down
as a safety measure i think, i would like to know if that the max temp it can handle and if not how can i change this safety measure; Since i would not like to send my
laptop again with RMA to fix since i do not live in the States and it costs me around 150us to send and receive it and i do not trust asus fixing my laptop since when i sent
for them to fix the overheating issues they just changed the fans which makes me think are they retarded or they do not check anything with the laptops.