View Full Version : Asus HZ-3A docking station to G752VS question

09-02-2016, 05:31 PM
Hi guys just received my G752VS notebook. Its a beaut. Just only wish it would have been available with the black finish.
I ordered the HZ-3A docking station to go along with the notebook. I was looking at the notebooks power supply. It is rated 19.5volts,11.8amp. Where the docking stations power supply is rated 19volts and 6.32amp.
I spoke to a Asus support rep and he said don't worry about it. The computer and docking station is under warranty, if they burn up send them back for repair. Well heck, I did not buy a $3000 notebook to have it sent back for repair if it burns out. I would not even want it any longer. I don't care if the docking station were to burn out as it is only $109.
My question is, do you think the docking stations power supply is powerful enough to handle the ROG G752VS and possibly a few other items? I did order a power supply adapter from Amazon which would allow me to power the docking station and computer using the power supply from the computer. The computer power supply plug is 7.9mm outside whereas the docking stations plug receptacle is female 5.5mm. Do you guys feel this would work or do you believe the power supply from the docking station is powerful enough?

Thanks guys,

09-03-2016, 10:24 PM
I just read the Asus Store detail on this dock Asus HZ-3A docking station its only rated for 90 Watts "19V DC output compatible with most ASUS laptop up to 90W" about half of what or less then a G752 requires.

09-04-2016, 02:48 AM
Thank you ClintLgm. If my bird brain understands you correctly sir you believe the docking stations power supply is inadequate to power the computer. That is how I feel.
Physically the docking stations power supply is much smaller. Clint, I ordered a reducer that will fit the end of the computers power supply output plug and will the n fit into the docking stations input. I believe I will be ok then.
Thank you sir for getting back to me.