View Full Version : Solved: Geforce never than version 361.43 + Comodo AV/Firewall on G750 fails

09-05-2016, 03:56 PM

I noticed a problem some time ago but could not find a solution to it, but now I have so I wanted to share it to you....

Problem: GeForce drivers never than 361.43 fails to be installed on G750. The installation ends with a "failed to install message" and you are left with a lo-res generic driver. The only thing left to do is uninstall the driver and go back to 361.43 or older.

Solution: Uninstall Comodo completely and reinstall the latest GeForce drive.

So what about Comodo? Drop that! Use something else instead like e.g. Avira (free as well) + ZoneAlarm (free) or whatever. Comodo use A LOT of resources. The processor might jump all the way up and temperatures may rise sky high while scanning (unless you have clean and re-pasted CPU).