View Full Version : G75VW continuous popping sound then no sound

09-06-2016, 06:29 AM
Hi all

Currently, I just reset my G75VW to factory settings and there's no sound.

First, I had my laptop fans cleaned and added 8gb more ram - totalling to 16gb of ram.
Nothing was wrong after that and i'm pretty happy with the increase in performance since i have more crap to run.
After that day, however, there was a consistent popping noise that was happening while i was playing a video. It stops at times but comes back and it's more annoying after each and every time. Muting the laptop seems to stop the popping noise but it doesn't show in the speakers which program was causing it.
I restarted my laptop and now the popping sound happens regardless of whether it was muted or not.
I went to sound settings and then disabled the speakers, that stopped the popping so i thought it might be the driver causing it.
I then reinstalled the driver but what happened now is that there's no more sound coming out.
So i said, screw it i'll reset this to factory settings.

Then yada yada yada after idk how many hours the laptop is now reset and updated to windows 8.1 with the latest windows updates.
Still no sound.

Screenshots of the driver and sound settings to follow.