View Full Version : G751JT Shutting down randomly for no reason, no diagnosable problems wrong.

09-08-2016, 08:24 AM
I have no idea why, but just randomly out of the blue my machine shuts off as if it just lost all power. The battery is one of those internal pieces of crap, so I can't look at the battery visually but it works when unplugged so it seems it can't be the battery and health statistics on the battery show that it is doing fine. My machine is always plugged in anyway, so I don't understand how or why it happens. I tested my CPU, GPU, Memory, and HDDs to see if there were any problems in any of them, nothing. All hardware appears to be functioning properly. I air out my laptop regularly to keep it dust free as well and the temps down. I've been monitoring the temp and during the 3 times this has happened so far, twice the temp was near idle. I can't figure out what is causing this at all and its frustrating, and it seems to be more frequent now.

It happened while watching a movie the first time.
It happened while in Space Engineers the second time.
It happened while typing a message in skype the third time.

The idle temp of my machine is roughly 110-115F (43.33-46C) according to Temp1, CPU idles around 104-108, GPU 100, HDD1 99 HDD2 93.
I'd like it if Asus would set up sensors for the fans so we can see our fan speeds in tools like Speedfan. I want to know how fast my fans are spinning.

I'm told that since none of those tests shown anything, that its likely a problem with my motherboard, however it takes a long time to send my machine out and get it back. I can't go that long without my laptop, as I have some issues that would cause me lots of stress and anxiety without it. :/ I don't really know what to do, as I can't figure out whats causing the issue and its not possible to replicate the issue as it has nothing predictable that causes it. I'm afraid that even if I did manage to send it back, I'll just get my machine returned to me with the result "Nothing wrong, nothing fixed.".. :/

I've always liked Asus computers for the hardware that can withstand my daily usage and such but the time it takes to repair a machine, horrible. I had to wait 2 months for my Asus G74Sx to come back from being repaired, of course it was 4 years old and had a melted power ribbon in it.. I ended up getting this machine while that machine was out because I found someone to sell my G74 to after it came back repaired (and they gave it a crappy broken keyboard when they repaired it.. So there's another reason I don't trust them repairing my stuff.. and even a completely different hard drive, keeping the old one... Not that it mattered, the HDD was broken anyway.. but still.)

09-08-2016, 10:35 AM
i can monitoring my fans with hwinfo and change speed of both fans individual with nbfc! mfg&gl

09-08-2016, 12:16 PM
check the windows system log, try to look for any crash/freeze or power loss around the time it happend.
also, please UNINSTALL the following Asus app: "game first".... also it won't hurt to UNINSTALL as well "Asus Gaming Center" as it's IMHO bloatware .

09-08-2016, 06:44 PM
I've already gotten rid of a ton of bloatware, but its WIndows 10 so the entire operating system is nothing but bloatware.

As for system logs, I've checked these too, the system doesn't know what happened. One minute its woring, next minute it goes "Wtf? Did I just boot up without ever shutting down?"