View Full Version : Occasionnal whistling on G752VY

09-09-2016, 01:28 PM
Hi guys,

i have a question about my G752VY which is about 3 months old.

I noticed that after some time of usage or when i launch a program, occasionnals whistling are coming from the laptop. I mean, not from the speakers but really from the laptop itself.
I checked all temperatures with Gaming Center and Afterburner, there's absolutely nothing special, neither on the CPU or the GPU.
Fans are doing their job OK, i can see and hear them going on when temperature goes up.

The only "special" thing i use is CrystalDisk in order to disable APM on the HDD because it causes some mini-freezes with some games.

So here is the question : What can it be and must i be anxious about it ?
I doubt it is the HDD 'cos it's more like an electric whistle. However, it can also happen with very low charge on the CPU so i doubt it is the CPU either ...

Do you have an idea ? Thanks