View Full Version : G502VS G-Sync Issues?

09-10-2016, 03:42 PM
Hey guys,
I recently picked up a G502vs from my local microcenter. This is my first system with "g sync", i've done some looking around and research, either mine isn't working or its a gimmick lol. My main PC has 144hz monitors, so I can definately feel a diff from 60fps to 144hz. When gaming on my laptop, I have the monitor technology set to G-Sync, i've tried every combination of vsync off in control panel, vsync fast, vsync forced on, let 3d application decide, turn vsync on / off in game.
Take Overwatch for example, I can change all that, I don't notice a difference at all, if I set G sync on, vsync off on NCP and in game, frames around 90, I still get bad tearing. From what i understand, if you have a 60hz monitor with gsync enabled, your supposed to be able go double your framerate before tearing. If you go below its supposed to be smooth still, with the 1070 I haven't been able to go under 60 lol.
If anyone has any input or more time with g sync and can help me out i'd appreciate it!