View Full Version : G771 throttling

09-18-2016, 04:06 PM
I have a G771 laptop with next cofinguration: I7 4720HQ,GTX 960M and 8 GB of ram,I used it for about 8 months now,and recently saw that I get very low fps while playing "The Crew",about 35 after 3 minutes of playing on high settings(except grass-medium,no AA and no ambient oclusion), while I should get about 50 fps according to online benchmarks so I was wondering what was the problem and I downlowded a software that shows me the GPU clocks and temperature and I found out that it runs at 85 C and around 780 MHz,which is very hot and that frequency is very low and it drives me crazy!
Is there anything that I could do about this? I tried to dissable CPU Turbo Boost but it didn't help at all