View Full Version : Cannot control all the fans on a rampage mobo with AI Suite

09-22-2016, 11:55 PM
Rampage IV black edition
Windows 10 pro
AI SUITE 3 ver 10056

In the bios, I see options for three chassis fan headers and three optional fan headers in addition to the CPU fan and optional CPU fan headers.
I need to control the fans of my gpu and cpu rads. The 4 fans of the cpu rads connect to two chassis fan headers. There is no chassis 3 fan header on the ramp[age black.
My gpu fans connect to the optional fan headers, 1 and 2.

AI suite 3 only allows granularity of three chassis fan headers and the cpu fan header. There is no way to set a fan curve for any of the fans attached to the optional headers.

Am I missing something?