View Full Version : ASUS G751JL stuck on automatic repair

09-27-2016, 10:13 AM
So about a week ago, my G751JL powered on and did a Windows Update. After the update my computer was failing to perform the simplest tasks like a right click on
an icon and the like. I rebooted numerous times and finally got it stable, however Google Chrome completely quit opening. A day or two later it started doing automatic
repairs on startup more times than not. It would complete these cycles and boot. Now however it never gets out of the automatic repair and doesn't appear to be
repairing anything after a length of time because the little hd flickering light stops flickering and stays solid. I let it run for 16 hrs once unresolved. I used Asus live support
and they told me F9. F9 is doing nothing for me. After a facebook chat with a friend he is chalking it up to hd failure. I have another friend im meeting with tonight
who can hook up a diagnostic tool and tell me if the hd is bad. He is hopefully going to bear with me as we try to fix it as he's signed on to install a new HD if needed.

If anyone has any advice that would be great...Im pretty broke and trying to fix this outside of a repair shop.