View Full Version : Random Freeze with my G752vy

09-27-2016, 12:12 PM
Hi Guys i have a big problem with my G752vy.
I hope i'm at the right Corner here.
I got totaly random freezes when i'm gaming.
But the biggest problem is, the freezes are totaly Random.
I only got them on 3 Games (CSGO, LoL and now Forza H3)
I have this Porblem since i got this Notebook, but i thought its a problem with my GTX980m, but the Problem continues, patch after patch.
The freezes only takes 1-2 second but they are anoying at online games.

I updated every driver (I got them from the Offizial Homepage, got Bios 213, and and and....)
I hope someone can help me.

PS: Sorry for my bad english. ;)