View Full Version : Need 2x VG248QE Bezel/Housing/frame

09-29-2016, 09:01 PM
Update: Talked to support, broken monitors are available with bezels going through recycling but can't send/sell me them.
I can't believe someone who needs them can't be sold/gifted parts that are going to be just destroyed.

Quite sad... So still looking.

In need of the VG248QE Bezel/Housing/frame as I debezeled mine and lost them and now in need for my new setup.

Asus has refused to send me the parts and I am in need of these parts unless I sent in the monitor its self which would cost the same amount to repair as buying a new monitor for just plastic housing.

Anyone who has these monitors and could part with their entire monitor housing I would highly appreciate it as well I didn't do no crazy epoxy setup so my stands are not permanent and did not last too long.

If you would like you can PM me as well regarding this.