View Full Version : ROG Spatha stops working once AI Suite starts. No problems on any other mobo.

09-30-2016, 03:07 PM
So I just received my Maximus Hero Alpha and completed setting it up.

AI Suite's DIP5 doesnt work with my 1070 right out of the box but that was completely expected since that was exactly the case with my Z170 Pro Gaming.

This time though, there is a twist. Whenever AI Suite starts up WINDOWS LOGS IN, my ROG Spatha mouse will just go completely bonkers.

Moving the mouse is impossible as it flies uncontrollably around the screen when moved and moving it to the top and bottom of the screen seems to activate scrolling too somehow.

This was not observed when I used it with the Z170-PG/MSI B85m-G43/Apple Macbook.

Also, switching back to my G700s, the mouse is completely normal even without drivers installed for it.

Also worth mentioning is that ROG Armory stops detecting the Spatha at all after a while, and also the Spatha works fine on any other PC without drivers.

I am posting this on the Maximus board since this doesn't seem like Spatha's problem, as this is only replicable with the Maximus Alpha I just got.

EDIT: AI Suite uninstalled. Problem persists. Reinstalling the HID Mouse drivers doesnt work.