View Full Version : Asus G752VS-BA214D - just problems - FN keys, energysafer, ...

10-04-2016, 04:37 AM
Hi all,

i just bought my a G752VS-BA214D without windows.

But still i got it, i just had problems with it.
First i installed Windows 10 and after that, i installed everything from the driver disk.

1. Touchpad:
Gestures not really working (f.e. two finger scroll), so i installed SmartGestures.
Now the gestures are working, but the Touchpad still isn't really good (its crap in comparison to the SurfaceBook).
I couldn't do an exact moving, because it always jumps 5-10 pixels and isn't slicing.

2. Bluray-Disc
Sometimes it couldn't read a disc. I want to install Elder Scrolls Online, but i just need 5 tries to get the G752VS reading the CD.
When i accepts the CD; all is fine. But also with other CDs i need some more tries.

3. Auto-Energie-Mod
I set the setting for energie-mod all to "never", but still after 1 minute the G752VS goes into this mod...

4. FN-Keys
All working, just one FN-keys does nothing: FN+F9 - deactivate the touchpad.
Also with ROG Center i could not deactivate it. Windows function (deactivate touchpad when mouse is connected) also not working.

I'm really dissatisfied. So much money for a Notebooks, where is the easiest things aren't working.
And this at the beginning ...