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10-06-2016, 08:34 PM
hi guys.

Okay will try to make this short. I bought my asus rog g551 jw 960m (12 gb ram) about 8 months ago, it s a great laptop, it ran most games such as witcher 3 on high settings.
Unfortunately I took it to a repair shop to have it cleaned as it was very dusty and overheating alot. After i got it back everything was perfect, except when i got home
after uni I went to play some dota 2 with my friends. I mean the fps was about 8-12 on it. It was unplayable by far. Only to games it happens like this, I mean every game.

I went with the most obvious thing and reinstalled my windows, deleted everything , updated drivers , went to bios to see if there was something wrong there , then installed
steam. The exact problem, just a tiny bit better, it was unplayable.

Took it back to the repair shop told them about it, and said it can t be a software problem, so they kept it there for 2 weeks, ran alot of test on it , like furmark , realbench
and so on.

I got it back today, they told me both drivers are working perfectly( intel i7 and nvidia 960m) , and that there is no hardware problem watsoever.
So i took it home, installed a game(dota 2), and the same result happened (still between 6-12 fps).The laptop is not overheating at all , and it starts up in mere seconds, as with any other program.

I am confused, there is nothing I can change now, i'm not sure if the warranty went away as they opened the laptop to clean it at the repair shop. Is there something else
I can do?

best regards.( sorry if the text is all over the place )

10-07-2016, 04:06 AM
You're probably playing off the iGPU (integrated) instead of the dGPU (dedicated) as your model has Optimus. I read no mention of you knowing that in your post. Just check your NVIDIA Control Panel and make sure in Manage 3D settings > Global Settings tab > High-performance NVIDIA processor is selected like in the picture below. Then test your games again.


10-07-2016, 12:26 PM
thank,yes I forgot to mention that but I did do it and restarted the game just to be sure it set in but still the same result. I'm afraid it might be a problem where i might need to change the motherboard or the graphic card. And that is more than the laptop is worth atm.