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10-14-2016, 10:32 PM
Hi Asus and Asus Workers/moderators on this forum.
Has been in this forum many complaints about the Asus G752VS OC edition. It seems that the overclock version have a bios problem, that are causing overheat and throttling.
In "extreme mode", of the gaming center, while gaming, the temps reach to 95 C, and sometimes more, what causes throttling. The problem is being caused by high voltage used on the CPU.
This can also damage the laptop. Some users can "fix" this problem by using "programs" or the bios to solve, but others dont have the "knowledge" to do this.
Trying can corrupt the Bios and all th system. Also, after that they will lose the warranty, because changes on the system and in the bios.
It seems that the problem can be solved by an "undervolt" in the CPU.
What we ask/want, is a new bios version, an update with lower voltage, that can handle the cpu "in extreme mode" with good temps. With a "good undervolta" the system can handle at 75C.

How long we will be waiting?
Please take in consideration your clientes and consumers, to improve further the product.