View Full Version : GPU tweak 2 questions

10-15-2016, 02:11 PM
Hi all, need some advice. I have a ROG GTX980ti Matrix and I thought I would use GPU tweak2 to see if I could increase performance. Installed everything without a hitch.
Selected "Overclock" in settings and fired up WOT. Game play is slightly stuttering now and GPU load is decreased below stock performance.
All settings are the same as pre installation .. so what should i expect? Can somebody talk me through this please.

10-17-2016, 06:24 AM
Hi timbo2410,

Please kindly ensure:
1. You are already using the latest Nvidia driver. (Currently 373.06)
2. You are using the latest GPUTweak II software. (Currently

If you happened to have installed previous builds of GPUTweak II software, please make sure you have removed it clean with the cleaning tool (http://dlcdnet.asus.com/pub/ASUS/vga/app/ASUS_GPUTweakII_RemoveTool_V1009_20160824.zip?_ga= 1.61845612.1134823483.1446513001) before installing the new versions to prevent issues.

Let us know if your problem persists after making sure all steps were done correctly.